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Extramural Research

2012 Level III Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards (STAA) Awarded Nominations

2012 STAA Awards

The 2012 STAA Awards are Now Available:
Level I | Level II | Level III | Honorable Mentions

The 2012 STAA awards are non-monetary.

Level III awards - are for those who have accomplished an unusually notable research or technological effort. The awards are for a substantial revision or modification of a scientific/technological principle or procedure, or an important improvement to the value of a device, activity, program, or service to the public. Awarded research relates to a mission or organizational component of the EPA, or significantly affects a relevant area of science/technology. The 2012 STAA awards are non-monetary.

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Nominations Recommended for a Level III Award -- Total of Twenty-Nine
Nom. ID Publication Title & Full Citation Eligible/Ineligible Authors Lab/Office/Institution Citation
S12EE0003 Evaluating the Fate of Metals in Air Pollution Control Residues from Coal-Fired Power Plants

ES&T, 44(19):7351-7356 (2010)

Susan A. Thorneloe

Gregory Helms

David S. Kosson (Non-EPA)

Andrew Garrabrants (Non-EPA)

Florence Sanchez (Non-EPA)

NRMRL, Research Triangle Park, NC Advancing the Science of Leach Testing to Avoid Cross-Media Transfers from Air Pollution Control of Electric Utilities
S12EP0004 Minimizing Risks from Spilled Oil to Ecosystem Services using Influence Diagrams: The Deepwater Horizon Spill Response

Environmental Science and Technology, 45:7631-7639 (2011)

John F. Carriger

Mace G. Barron

NHEERL, Gulf Breeze, FL Demonstrating the Application of Decision Science to Improve Risk Management During Complex Ecological Disasters
S12EP0006 (1) Ozone and TFA Impacts in North America from Degradation of 2,3,3,3-Tetrafluoropropene (HFO-1234yf), a Potential Greenhouse Gas Replacement

Environmental Science and Technology, 44:343-348 (2010)

(2) Estimated 2017 Refrigerant Emissions of 2,3,3,3-Tetrafluoropropene (HFC-1234yf) in the United States Resulting from Automobile Air Conditioning

Environmental Science and Technology, 43:9252-9259 (2009)

Deborah J. Luecken

Kristen N. Taddonio

Stephen O. Andersen

William T. Hutzell

Stella Papasavva (Non-EPA)

Robert L. Waterland (Non-EPA)

John Rugh (Non-EPA)

NERL, Research Triangle Park, NC Multipollutant Assessment of New Refrigerants to Protect Stratospheric Ozone and Avoid Climate Forcing
S12EP0007 The National Ambient Air Monitoring Strategy: Rethinking the Role of National Networks

Journal Air & Waste Manage. Assoc., peer-reviewed, 59(5):579-590 (2009)

Richard Scheffe

Paul Solomon

Michael Papp

Joann Rice

Tim Hanley

James Hemby

Mark Schmidt

Nealson Watkins

Joe Tikvart (Non-EPA)

Mike Gilroy (Non-EPA)

Rudolf Husar (Non-EPA)

Michael Koerber (Non-EPA)

OAQPS, Research Triangle Park, NC Positioning EPA's National Air Monitoring Networks to Address Current and Future Science and Policy Challenges
S12ER0011 (1) Temporal Evaluation of Effects of a Model 3B-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase Inhibitor on Endocrine Function in the Fathead Minnow

Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 30(9):2094-2102 (2011)

(2) Transcriptional Regulatory Dynamics of the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Gonadal Axis and its Peripheral Pathways as Impacted by the 3-Beta HSD Inhibitor Trilostane in Zebrafish (Danio rerio)

Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 74:1461-1470 (2011)

Gerald Ankley

Rong-Lin Wang

Daniel Villeneuve

David Bencic

Elizabeth Durhan

Kathleen Jensen

Michael Kahl

Elizabeth Makynen

James Lazorchak

Jenna Cavallin (Non-EPA)

Dalma Martinovic-Weigelt (Non-EPA)

Leah Wehmas (Non-EPA)

NHEERL, Duluth, MN Delineation of a Novel Pathway of Endocrine Disruption in Fish
S12ER0019 (1) Using Stable Isotope Mixing in a Great Lakes Coastal Tributary to Determine Food Web Linkages in Young Fishes

Journal-Estuaries and Coasts, 33(6):1391-1405 (2010)

(2) Rapid Stable Isotope Turnover of Larval Fish in a Lake Superior Coastal Wetland: Implications for Diet and Life History Studies

Journal - Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management, 14(4):403-413 (2011)

Joel C. Hoffman

Anne M. Cotter

Gregory S. Peterson

Timothy D. Corry

John R. Kelly

NHEERL, Duluth, MN Resolving Scales that Influence Fish Production in Coastal Wetlands
S12ER0021 Determining Sources of Water to Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands: A Classification Approach

Wetlands, 31:199-1213 (2011)

John Morrice

Anett S. Trebitz

John R. Kelly

Michael E. Sierszen

Anne M. Cotter

Tom Hollenhorst

NHEERL, Duluth, MN A Hydrology-Based Approach to Predicting Water Sources and Pathways of Stressor Delivery to Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands
S12ER0025 An Analysis of Diffuse Light Attenuation in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Hypoxic Zone Using the Sea WiFS Satellite Data Record

Remote Sensing of Environment, 115:3748-3757 (2011)

Blake A. Schaeffer

John C. Lehrter

Michael C. Murrell

Janis C. Kurtz

Diane Yates

Geoffrey A. Sinclair (Non-EPA)

Richard W. Gould (Non-EPA)

NHEERL, Gulf Breeze, FL Quantifying from Satellite Light Availability in the Gulf of Mexico Hypoxic Zone
S12ER0031 Changes in Constructed Brassica Communities Treated with Glyphosate Drift

Ecological Applications (print edition), 21(2):525-538 (2011)

Lidia S. Watrud

Henry E. Lee

Bonnie M. Smith

Ronald S. Waschmann

George King (Non-EPA)

Jason P. Londo (Non-EPA)

Ricardo Colasanti (Non-EPA)

NHEERL, Corvallis, OR Ecological Effects of Glyphosate Drift on Plant Communities and Beneficial Soil Fungi
S12ER0032 (1) Assessing the Effects of Disease and Bleaching on Florida Keys Corals by Fitting Population Models to Data

Ecological Modelling, 222(7):1323-1332 (2011)

(2) Consideration of Species Community Composition in Statistical Analyses of Coral Disease Risk

Marine Ecology Progress Series, 431:83-96 (2011)

Susan H. Yee

Deborah L. Santavy

Mace G. Barron

John W. Kern (Non-EPA)

Sarah Hession (Non-EPA)

NHEERL, Gulf Breeze, FL Developing Models to Tease Apart Effects of Multiple Environmental and Anthropogenic Stressors on Coral Communities
S12ER0034 Nitrogen Dynamics at the Ground Water-Surface Water Interface of a Degraded Urban Stream

Journal of Environmental Quality, 39(3):810-823 (2010)

Paul Mayer

Elise Striz

Peter Groffman (Non-EPA)

Sujay Kaushal (Non-EPA)

NRMRL, Ada, OK Elucidating the Ecological Controls on Nitrogen Fate and Transport in Urban Stream Ecosystems
S12HE0037 (1) Detection of TiO2 Nanoparticles in Cells by Flow Cytometry

Cytometry Part A, 77A:677-685 (2010)

(2) In Vitro Phototoxicity and Hazard Identification of Nano-scale Titanium Dioxide

Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology (2012), 258:226-236 (2011)

William K. Boyes

Robert M. Zucker

Laura L. Degn

Edward J. Massaro

William R. Mundy

Kevin Dreher

Kristen M. Sanders (Non-EPA)

Baozhong Zhao (Non-EPA)

Joan E. Roberts (Non-EPA)

NHEERL, Research Triangle Park, NC Research to Identify TiO2 Nanoparticles Inside Cells and to Characterize Their Potential Phototoxicity
S12HE0048 Pesticides on Household Surfaces May Influence Dietary Intake of Children

Environmental Science & Technology, 45:4594-4601 (2011)

Lisa Jo Melnyk

Larry C. Michael (Non-EPA)

Margie Z. Byron (Non-EPA)

Gordon G. Brown (Non-EPA)

Andrew C. Clayton (Non-EPA)

NERL, Cincinnati, OH Providing a Model for Estimating Inadvertent Dietary Exposure
S12HE0049 (1) Developmental Exposure to a Commercial PBDE Mixture, DE-71: Neurobehavioral, Hormaonal and Reproductive Effects

Toxicological Sciences, 116(1):297-312 (2010)

(2) Altered Cardiovascular Reactivity and Osmoregulation during Hyperosmotic Stree in Adult Rats Developmentally Exposed to Polybrominated Dipheyl Ethers (PBDEs)

Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology, 256:103-113 (2011)

Prasada Rao S. Kodavanti

Virginia C. Moser

Robert C. MacPhail

Tammy E. Stoker

Cary G. Coburn (Non-EPA)

Suzanne E. Fenton (Non-EPA)

Kurunthachalam Kannan (Non-EPA)

Linda S. Birnbaum (Non-EPA)

Margarita C. Curras-Collazo (Non-EPA)

Martha Leon-Olea (Non-EPA)

Ashini Shah (Non-EPA)

Abena Watson-Siriboe (Non-EPA)

Rebecca Whitley (Non-EPA)

Anoush Shahidzadeh (Non-EPA)

Elizabeth R. Gillard (Non-EPA)

Robert Nichol (Non-EPA)

Mark Gaertner (Non-EPA)

Jennifer L. Rayner (Non-EPA)

NHEERL, Research Triangle Park, NC Research to Understand Developmental and Long-Term Consequences of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether Exposures
S12HE0050 Trichloroethylene and Cancer: Systematic and Quantitative Review of Epidemiologic Evidence fo Identifying Hazards

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 8(11):4238-4271 (2011)

Cheryl Siegel Scott

Jennifer Jinot

NCEA, Washington, DC A Contemporary Analysis of Epidemiologic Studies to Support the TCE Assessment Cancer Characterization
S12IE0055 Emissions Inventory of PM2.5 Trace Elements Across the United States

Environmental Science and Technology, 43(15):5790-5796 (2009)

Adam Reff

Prakash Bhave

Heather Simon

Thompson G. Pace

George A. Pouliot

David Mobley

Marc Houyoux

NERL, Research Triangle Park, NC Nationwide Emissions of Metals in Airborne Fine-Particulate Matter
S12MM0063 An Assessment of Stressor Extent and Biological Condition in the North American Mid-Continent Great Rivers (USA)

River Systems, 19(2):143-163 (2011)

Ted R. Angradi

David W. Bolgrien

Terri M. Jicha

Mark S. Pearson

Debra L. Taylor

Mary F. Moffett

Karen Blocksom

David M. Walters

Colleen Elonen

Leroy E. Anderson

James M. Lazorchak

Brian H. Hill

Euan D. Reavie (Non-EPA)

Amy R. Kireta (Non-EPA)

NHEERL, Duluth, MN Advancing the Science of River Monitoring and Assessment
S12MM0073 (1) Physical Characterization of the Fine Particle Emissions from Commercial Aircraft Engines during the Aircraft Particle Emissions Experiment (APEX) 1-3

Atmospheric Environment, 44(17):2147-2156 (2010)

(2) Chemical Characterization of the Fine Particle Emissions from Commercial Aircraft Engines during the Aircraft Particle Emmissions Experiment APEX) 1 to 3

Environmental Science and Technology, 45(8):3415-3421 (2011)

John S. Kinsey

Michael D. Hays

Yuanji Dong (Non-EPA)

D. Craig Williams (Non-EPA)

Russell D. Logan (Non-EPA)

NRMRL, Research Triangle Park, NC First Comprehensive Characterization of Fine-Particle Emissions from Commercial Aircraft Engines by the EPA
S12OR0076 On the Asymptotic Distribution of Likelihood Ratio Test when Parameters Lie on the Boundary

Sankhya, The Indian Journal of Statistics, Series B, 73(1):20-41 (2011)

Leonid Kopylev

Bimal Sinha (Non-EPA)

NCEA, Washington, DC Derivation of Important Asymptotic Results that Improve Statistical Properties of Benchmark Dose Estimates for Bioassays
S12OR0079 Photobleaching Kinetics of Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter Derived fron Mangrove Leaf Litter and Floating Sargassum Colonies

Marine Chemistry, 119(4):162-171 (2010)

Richard G. Zepp

Christopher G. Shank (Non-EPA)

Anssi Vahatalo (Non-EPA)

Rosalynn Lee Sylvan (Non-EPA)

Erich Bartels (Non-EPA)

NERL, Athens, GA Pioneering Work to Evaluate Biological Sources of CDOM that Protect Coral Reefs from Harmful UV Radiation
S12RA0080 Ecosystem Services Altered by Human Changes in the Nitrogen Cycle: A New Perspective for US Decision Making

, 14(8):804-815 (2011)

Jana E. Compton

John A. Harrison

Robin Dennis

Tara L. Greaver

Brian H. Hill

Stephen J. Jordan

Henry Walker

Holly V. Campbell (Non-EPA)

NHEERL, Corvallis, OR Systems-Based Framework Connecting Reactive Nitrogen Flows with Ecosystem Services to Inform Environmental Decision Making
S12RA0085 (1) Fate and Effects of Anthropogenic Chemicals in Mangrove Ecosystems: A Review

Environmental Pollution, 159(10):2328-2346 (2011)

(2) Nonnutrient Anthropogenic Chemicals in Seagrass Ecosystems: Fate and Effects

Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 28(3):644-661 (2009)

Michael Lewis

Richard Devereux

Rachael Pryor (Non-EPA)

Lynn Wilking (Non-EPA)

NHEERL, Gulf Breeze, FL Providing the State-of-the-Knowledge for Contaminant Phytotoxicity to Near-Coastal Plants
S12RA0088 Effects of Solar UV Radiation and Climate Change on Biogeochemical Cycling: Interactions and Feedbacks

Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences, 10(2):261-279 (2011)

Richard G. Zepp

Nigel D. Paul (Non-EPA)

Barbara Sulzberger (Non-EPA)

David J. Erickson, III (Non-EPA)

NERL, Athens, GA Developing an Innovative Assessment of the Interactive Effects of Ozone and Climate Changes on Biogeochemical Cycles
S12SI0090 An Energy Systems View of Sustainability: Emergy Evaluation of the San Luis Basin, Colorado

Journal of Environmental Management, 95:72-97 (2011)

Daniel E. Campbell

Ahjond S. Garmestani

NRMRL, Narraganset, RI Pioneering and Developing an Understanding of Sustainability-Based on Energy Systems Theory and the Cycle of Change
S12TF0094 (1) An Indirect Data Assimilation Scheme for Deep Soil Temperature in the Pleim-Xiu Land Surface Model

Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, 48:1362-1376 (2009)

(2) Performance Assessment of New Land Surface and Planetary Boundary Layer Physics in the WRF-ARW

Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, 49:760-774 (2010)

Jonathan E. Pleim

Robert C. Gilliam

NERL, Research Triangle Park, NC Advances in Physical and Dynamical Modeling Components of Air-Quality Decision-Support Tools
S12TF0097 Effects of Land Use on Dissolved Organic Matter Biogeochemistry in Piedmont Headwater Streams of the Southeastern United States

Hydrobiologia, 635:298-308 (2009)

Roger A. Burke

Jon O. Molinero (Non-EPA)

NERL, Athens, GA Development of Simple Empirical Models That Relate Landscape Indicators to Headwater Stream DOM Biogeochemistry
S12TF0099 (1) Microbial Transformation of Triadimefon to Triadimenol in Soils: Selective Production Rates of Triadimenol Stereoisomers Affect Exposure and Risk

Environmental Science and Technology, 45:2186-2193 (2011)

(2) Loss of Propiconazole and Its Four Stereoisomers from the Water Phase of Two Soil-Water Slurries as Measured by Capillary Electrophoresis

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 8:3453-3467 (2011)

Arthur W. Garrison

Jack W. Jones

Jimmy K. Avants (Non-EPA)

Rebecca D. Miller (Non-EPA)

NERL, Athens, GA Research to Show that Risk Assessment of the Individual Stereoisomers of Chiral Pesticides Can Lead to Safer Products
S12TF0101 (1) The Formation of Secondary Organic Aerosol from the Isoprene + OH Reaction in the Absence of NOx

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 9(37):6541-6558 (2009)

(2) Influence of Aerosol Acidity on the Formation of Secondary Organic Aerosol Biogenic Hydrocarbons

Environmental Science and Technology, 43(20):1742-1747 (2009)

(3) Formation of Organic Tracers for Isoprene SOA Under Acidic Conditions

Atmospheric Environment, 44(14):1798-1805 (2010)

Tadeusz E. Kleindienst

Edward O. Edney

Michael Lewandowski

John H. Offenberg

Mohammed Jaoui (Non-EPA)

Eric W. Corse (Non-EPA)

NERL, Research Triangle Park, NC Extending Laboratory Methods for Determining Precursors to Secondary Organic Aerosol Under a Wide Range of Conditions
S12TF0103 Efficient Probabilistic Estimates of Surface Ozone Concentration Using an Ensemble of Model Configurations and Direct Sensitivity Calculations

Environmental Science and Technology, 43(7):2388-2393 (2009)

Robert W. Pinder

Robert C. Gilliam

Keith W. Appel

Sergey L. Napelenok

Kristen M. Foley

Alice B. Gilliland

NERL, Research Triangle Park, NC Efficient Quantification of Uncertanity in Air-Quality Modeling
Key to Acronyms used in the above Table
OA Office of the Administrator
NERL National Exposure Research Laboratory
NHEERL National Health and Environmental Effects Laboratory
NRMRL National Risk Management Research Laboratory
OAQPS Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards
OPP Office of Pesticide Programs
ORIA Office of Radiation and Indoor Air
OSCP Office of Science Coordination and Policy
ORCR Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery
*Note: The percentages given after name represent the current percent of the total level of effort as documented in the EPA nomination.

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