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Transit Revitalization Investment District (TRID)

Program Overview

In 2004, the state of Pennsylvania passed the TRID Act. This innovative law was designed to encourage transit-oriented development by providing resources for station area planning and by enabling use of a district-based TIF mechanism to capture increases in property values near transit. It is distinct from TIF because TRID financing does not require a finding of "blight" in the area where it is used and it focuses on encouraging comprehensive community-based planning. While many jurisdictions have taken advantage of the planning aspects of TRID, thus far no TRID financing district has been created.

How to Apply this Program

Enacted in 2005 by the Pennsylvania legislature, the TRID Act encourages city officials, transit agencies, and the development community to plan for and implement transit-oriented development. Like TIF districts, TRIDs leverage future real estate tax revenues to support transit-related capital projects, site development, and maintenance within the defined district.

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