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Participant's Page

Participants in this study were selected based on their location within the Detroit metropolitan area (see map of the study area). Each participant was asked to participate for five days in the summer and five days in the winter during one sampling year (10 days total). Participants wore monitoring vests that had miniature air sampling monitors and filled out a daily time activity diary (see DEARS surveys). Samplers were also placed inside participants' residences (living room) and outside in their yards. Field personnel visited their home for 45 minutes each day to change sampling equipment and ask questions to complete a brief questionnaire about their activities (cooking, cleaning, traveling, etc.). Participants did not have to operate any of the equipment, nor were they responsible for any of the equipment used in the monitoring.

Below are examples of the equipment and monitoring devices that were used in the study. They included personnel air monitoring vests and indoor and outdoor monitoring stations.

Click on any figure to enlarge:

Man in Monitoring Vest. Links to larger image.
Outdoor Monitoring Statin. Links to larger image.
Indoor Monitoring Station. Links to larger image.
Air Monitoring
Outdoor Monitoring
Indoor Monitoring

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