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Symposium #19: Apportionment of Ambient Particulate Matter in DEARS

Rachelle M. Duvall, David A. Olson, Gary A. Norris, Stephen R. McDow, and Ronald W. Williams
National Exposure Research Laboratory, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle Park, NC, 27711

The Detroit airshed is impacted by a variety of sources including but not limited to heavy industrial and motor vehicle contributions. One of the primary objectives of DEARS is to apportion ambient particulate matter (PM) to major sources. Source contribution estimates are needed to determine exposures to different PM sources in different environments (e.g. ambient, outdoor, and indoor locations). In this study, sources impacting the Allen Park site will be quantified using the EPA Chemical Mass Balance Model (CMB v8.2). Source apportionment analysis will focus on Season 1 (July 13-August 14, 2004) and Season 2 (February 1-March 19, 2005) ambient and outdoor PM2.5 data using inorganic species (elemental and organic carbon, trace metals, and polyatomic ions). Published source profiles will be used in the CMB model. Major sources known to impact the Allen Park site include motor vehicle emissions, metal and iron production, soil/crustal material, secondary sulfate, and nitrate. The results will be compared to Speciated Trends Network (STN) data collected in Detroit as well as published reports focusing on the Detroit airshed.

Disclaimer: Although this work was reviewed by EPA and approved for publication, it may not necessarily reflect official Agency policy.

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