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Tensas River Basin NDVI

  Tensas River Basin
  Erodible Soils
  Flood-Prone Land
  Forest Loss & Gain
  Roads & Streams Intersect
  The Nature Conservancy Land Cover
  Flood-Prone Land/Forest Loss/Gain Intersect
  HUC Boundaries - 11 digit
  Proposed Restoration Sites
  Wetlands Restoration Sites
  DRG's & Air Photos
  Hydric Soils
  Major Tributaries
  Digital Elevation Model
  NALC 1972
  NALC 1991
  NALC 1972 - Image/Land Cover Classification
  NALC 1991 - Image/Land Cover Classification
  NALC 1991 Mosaic - Path 23 Rows 37 & 38
  RF3 Streams - 120 Meter Buffer
  Major Tributaries - 360 Meter Buffer
  EPA STORET - Water Quality Systems

Image of Tensas Study Area - NDVI
Tensas Study Area NDVI Metadata

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