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Upper San Pedro Watershed

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 Kepner, W. G., D. J. Semmens,  D. T. Heggem, E. J. Evanson, C.  M. Edmonds, S. N. Scott, and  D.W. Ebert. 2003.
 The San Pedro River Geo-data  Browser and Assessment Tools.
 EPA/600/C-03/008;  ARS/152432.
  U.S. Environmental Protection  Agency, Office of Research and  Development, Las Vegas, NV

Also see https://www.epa.gov/esd/

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San Pedro River Basin Data Browser 
Boykin, K.G., T.S. Schrader, R.K. Guy, W.G. Kepner, A.E. Ernst, A.N. el Sadek, and W.W.S. Yee. 2014. EPA/600/C-14/047.
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Image of Upper San Pedro Watershed

The San Pedro Geo-Data Browser was developed by the Landscape Ecology Branch of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Las Vegas, NV) with the assistance and collaboration of the Southwest Watershed Research Center of the USDA Agricultural Research Service (Tucson, AZ).

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