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Ecoregion 84 - Atlantic Coastal Pine Barrens

Click the sample number or box to view the data page for that sample.
Ecoregion 84, Atlantic Coastal Pine Barrens

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, available as a free download, to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more about PDF, and for a link to the free Acrobat Reader.

Data for Ecoregion 84:

To download data for samples in Ecoregion 84 click on the sample ID number or box in the map above.

Available data includes Landsat imagery and land cover classifications for five dates, change images, and ancillary data such as photos of the region.



Sample 12, Ecoregion 84 Sample 20, Ecoregion 84 Sample 24, Ecoregion 84 Sample 31, Ecoregion 84 Sample 35, Ecoregion 84 Sample 34, Ecoregion 84 Sample 43, Ecoregion 84 Sample 46, Ecoregion 84 Sample 47, Ecoregion 84


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