January 2015- Urban Soil Hydrology and Applications to Improve Demolition Practice

EPA’s Residential Demolition Bid Specification Development Tool highlights environmental issues associated with residential demolitions and lists specific practices that can be incorporated into the demolition contracting process to achieve better environmental outcomes. The use of environmentally beneficial demolition practices can result in long- and short-term environmental benefits and set the stage for adding value to vacant lots. This talk will outline how a focused research and development effort brought together unique data on the hydrology of urban soils with the practical matter of improving demolition practice through a novel application of green infrastructure. 

For more information: Residential Demolition Bid Specification Development Tool

Presented by: Bill Shuster & Jonathan Grosshans

Dr. Shuster is a research hydrologist with the National Risk Management Research Laboratory and conducts field studies on the sustainability (social, economic, and environmental) of green infrastructure management approaches as they are applied to issues in water resources and urban land use. He has a Ph.D. in Environmental Science (The Ohio State University), and a BS in Physics (University of Michigan – Ann Arbor).

Jonathan Grosshans is a Community Planner with US Environmental Protection Agency Region 5 (Superfund Division). He manages projects that promote sustainable development by working across EPA programs and connecting with federal, state, and local partners. Current field work in Detroit ties together brownfield redevelopment, green infrastructure, and residential demolition practices.