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Region 9 Border 2020 Funded Projects 2015

U.S.-Mexico Border Program Awards Eleven New Projects

The U.S.-Mexico Border Program has awarded eleven new projects in Region 9 valued at $665,000, leveraging an additional $327,258 in external funding from those organizations. Projects incude the identification of emission reduction measures and actions in Nogales, Sonora; evaluation of environmental health status along the Arizona/Sonora border; and an “ocean friendly” restaurants campaign in the Tijuana/San Diego Region, among others. The eleven new projects were awarded following a review of 51 proposals received in response to an RFP issued on April 13th in collaboration with the Border Environment Cooperation Commission (BECC).

The projects help to fulfill binational commitments identified within the U.S.-Mexico Border 2020 Program. For more information, please see below or contact Lorena Lopez-Powers at

Arizona/Sonora Projects

Goal Name & Desctiption of Project Sponsor Border 2020 Contribution Leveraging Amount Total Amount
1 (Air)

Pro-Aire for Nogales, Sonora

Will develop a State Implementation Plan Equivalent (Pro-Aire) for Nogales, Sonora to identify emission reduction measures and actions; will use the recent air emissions inventory that was funded by Border 2020 as a basis for developing the Pro-Aire.

Tijuana Calidad de Vida $50,100 $0 $50,100
2 (Water)

Strengthening Local Capacity to Integrate Green Infrastructure for Sediment Control

Project will implement two green infrastructure demonstration projects in Nogales, Sonora to reduce sediment loading to downstream creeks and Ambos Nogales communities.  Expected outputs:

  • Identify and implement a creek stabilization component and a water harvesting component.
  • Identify the most appropriate green infrastructure features, estimate the sediment load reduction, and determine stormwater captured and peak flow reduction.
  • Involve community leaders in the design and implementation of Green Infrastructure features
Watershed Management Group $53,927 $13,172 $67,099
2 (Water)

Green Infrastructure in Nogales, Sonora

Project will reduce sediment flows into tributaries connecting to the Nogales Creek which connects to the Nogales Wash in Arizona.  Project will:

  • Build green infrastructure features (check dams) to prevent approximately 500 m3 of sediment from entering creek;
  • Revegetate denuded areas with native species to reduce erosion; and 
  • Create an interpretive demonstration site to educate the community about green infrastructure.
Instituto Municipal de Investigación y Planeación de Nogales $40,334 $14,899 $55,233
3 (Land)

Integrated Management of Electronic Waste in laboratories of Nogales, Sonora

Will implement an e-waste management strategy to reduce e-waste disposal from chemical labs in Nogales, Sonora.  Project will also develop an e-waste reuse plan that will inventory e-waste that laboratories can reuse for parts and/or properly recycle.

Colegio de Quimicos de Nogales, A.A. $20,894 $16,842 $37,736
4 (Emergency Prep. & Response)

HAZMAT Emergency Response Training Institute Pilot Program

Project will develop three 1-day train-the-trainer courses (2 in Mexico, 1 in Arizona) for maquiladora emergency response personnel.  Will also coordinate five additional training classes at maquiladoras in Nogales, Sonora.

AZ Board of Regents (Arizona State University) $82,558 $24,208 $106,766
5 (Enhance Compliance & Stewardship)

TRI/RETC Fact Sheets

Will create easy-to-use, and visually appealing fact sheets on pollutant releases for the Arizona/Sonora and California/Baja California border region. Will use GIS and TRI /RETC data

Colorado School of Mines $18,953 $0 $18,953
Fundamental Strategy

Evaluation of Environmental Health Status along the Arizona/Sonora Border

Project will collect environmental health data and identify the current status of environmental health along the AZ/Sonora border region. Will focus on childhood blood levels, mercury, and pesticides poisoning, asthma rates, and asthma hospitalizations.

Sonora Environmental Research, Inc. $37,975 $8,000 $45,975
  TOTALS:   $304,741 $77,121 $381,862

California/Baja California Projects

Goal Name & Description of Project Sponsor Border 2020 Contribution Leveraging Amount Total Amount
2 (Water)

Community and Institutional Alliance for Environmental Sanitation of Drains in Mexicali

The project builds upon a previous B2020-funded project and will remove trash from 5 canals (tributaries) that are within the New River Watershed.  Expected Outputs include:

  • A reduction of 5,000 cubic meters of solid waste (will quantify by weight and type of waste) found in illegal dumps in a 5 km section which include five tributaries that feed into the New River watershed.
  • Develop an environmental education campaign in five communities to residing new of illegal trash dumping within the communities adjacent to the tributaries.
  • Develop a pilot recycling program in at least three communities on either side of the proposed tributaries.
  • Establish four green corridors (approximately 250 meters in length, with a 5,000 m2 reforested area each) to showcase the environmental and recreational benefits of restored tributaries.
  • Create 3 community surveillance committees in three communities adjacent to the five tributaries cleaned up.
Sonoran Institute $100,000 $73,102 $173,102
2/3 (Water/Land)

Ocean Friendly Restaurants Campaign in the Tijuana/San Diego Region

Project will work with ~20 restaurants to pilot reduction/elimination of plastics through training and tools that reduce plastic consumption.  Examples include:  plastic straws provided only upon request, take-out food containers are only made from recyclable materials, compostable or biodegradable, no beverages sold in plastic bottles.

  • Participating restaurants would receive acknowledgement in social media through Surfrider and PFEA (grantee) websites and would receive demonstration containers.
  • Results are likely modest due to small cadre of initial restaurants but has expansion/sustainability potential.
Proyecto Fronterizo de Educación Ambiental $70,180 $124,582 $194,762
3 (Land)

Pilot Program for Composting of Municipal Solid Waste in Tijuana

Project will develop institutional experience and capacity on sustainable materials management (SMM) and will raise community awareness of composting of organic waste.  Will collect 600-900 kg of organic waste per week and work with 100-150 homes in the Tijuana/Otay community.

El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, A.C. $73,482 $27,000 $100,482
5 (Enhance Compliance & Assurance)

TRI/RETC Fact Sheets

Will create easy-to-use, and visually appealing fact sheets on pollutant releases for the Arizona/Sonora and California/Baja California border region.

Colorado School of Mines $18,953 $0 $18,953
Fundamental Strategy

Environmental Health and Asthma Awareness in Low-Income Housing Communities of Imperial County

Project will implement ten (10) Asthma Forums to teach residents about preventing asthma triggers.  Activities will also provide referred services of asthmatic children via home visits, and implement the Healthy Homes Training specifically for low-income housing.

El Centro Regional Medical Center $98,518 $25,453 $123,971
  Totals:   $361,133 $250,137 $611,270