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Freight Efficiency Outreach Center

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North Central Texas Council of Governments, Texas

Federal Funding: $486,767
Project Timeline: February 2011 - October 2014


Latest Update

The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) has opened its Freight Efficiency Outreach Center (FEOC), which aims to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) and other air pollutant emissions from the trucking industry. NCTCOG selected Cascade Sierra Solutions (CSS) as a sub-grantee to build, staff, manage, operate, and own the facility. Now operational, the FEOC has begun conducting emission-reducing upgrades and retrofits using SmartWay℠ technology. NCTCOG and CSS staff are working together to formulate and implement a methodology to track and report benefits. In addition, outreach efforts through email and presentations have helped establish the FEOC’s presence in the region. Finally, NCTCOG has worked to promote and replicate several other Climate Showcase Communities activities in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. Workshops and meetings have been arranged to begin the process of replicating the Use Reusables program, the Home Energy Affordability Loan (HEAL) program, and the Chief's Energy Challenge for fire stations. Upcoming work includes hosting trainings and workshops to further spread the word about the FEOC, finalizing the methodology for emissions benefits, and continuing to revise and calculate results from completed technology installations.

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Project Summary

Reducing Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gases through Improved Freight Efficiency

The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) recently launched the FEOC to reduce GHG emissions and air pollution from the trucking industry in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area. NCTCOG serves sixteen counties around the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro area, nine of which do not meet federal ozone standards under the 1997 8-hour national ambient air quality standards. The region is crisscrossed by numerous interstates, resulting in heavy freight traffic. Heavy-duty vehicles contribute approximately 19% of all transportation-based GHG emissions nationwide and have a significant impact on air quality in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The FEOC showcases new low-emission, high-efficiency vehicles and advanced retrofit technologies and provides financial and technical assistance. The Center functions as a “one stop shop” for companies and drivers to learn about and begin implementation of emission-reducing best practices and technologies. NCTCOG estimates that the Outreach Center has the potential to impact approximately 250 trucks in its first year by assisting in the purchase of newer trucks, repowering older engines, and encouraging upgrades with SmartWay technologies and other emission-reducing retrofits.

NCTCOG works with many stakeholders, including local governments, trucking fleets and owner-operators, freight activity centers (i.e. distribution centers, inland ports, etc.), industry associations, technology manufacturers, and the communities which are most heavily impacted by freight traffic. These residential communities are often exposed to high levels of toxic diesel emissions and will directly benefit from reduced diesel emissions.

The Outreach Center aims to improve industry awareness of the impacts of heavy-duty freight traffic and new technologies and best practices that can increase heavy-duty fuel efficiency, reduce GHG emissions and fuel use, and improve regional air quality throughout North Central Texas.

With this center, NCTCOG seeks to expand upon the success of outreach centers which have been established along the Interstate-5 corridor in Washington, Oregon, and California and establish a similar model of outreach, education, financial assistance, and implementation to a new freight-intensive region. The success of this facility could be replicated across the country in other major freight activity centers.

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Freight Efficiency Outreach Center grand openingAt the grand opening of the Freight Efficiency Outreach Center.
Freight Efficiency Outreach Center grand openingAt the grand opening of the Freight Efficiency Outreach Center.
Freight Efficiency Outreach Center grand openingAt the grand opening of the Freight Efficiency Outreach Center.
Freight Efficiency Outreach Center grand openingAt the grand opening of the Freight Efficiency Outreach Center.

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Community Characteristics

Population                              Approximately 6.26 million

Area                                      12,370 square miles (16-county area)

Government Type                   Regional

Community TYpe                    Urban/Suburban

Median Household Income       $46,044 (Dallas County, 2009)

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Program Results

Reported Results (as of September 2013)

Projected Cumulative Results

Annual GHG Reductions


2,780 mt CO2e

Annual Cost Savings



Annual Diesel Use Reduction


277,102 gallons

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