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Making a Visible Difference in Communities: New Mexico

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Anthony, NM

Formed in 2010, Anthony is in the early stages of community development planning.  The city does not own any of its utilities and lacks adequate zoning and subdivision regulations as well as recreational facilities. The city is hoping to have green components installed to detain flows and remove sediment to deal with flooding issues. EPA worked with the community to assist with the development of sustainable municipal services and infrastructure by fostering partnerships and leveraging resources from other federal, state and local agencies.  

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Cochiti Pueblo, NM

The Pueblo de Cochiti is located on reservation land in northern New Mexico. The Pueblo was interested in integrating green infrastructure and other smart growth and sustainable approaches into:

  • land use planning
  • stormwater management
  • infrastructure improvements
  • transportation planning and open space to enhance community and tribal lands

Technical assistance in green infrastructure, water systems management, and integrated solid waste management as well as further assessment of brownfields and potential area-wide planning technical assistance of assessed brownfields were discussed as potential priorities for EPA assistance.

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Grants, NM

The Grants Mining District in NM has three sites on the National Priorities List:

  • Homestake Mining Company Mill Site
  • Jackpile-Paguate Uranium Mine
  • United Nuclear Corporation

EPA’s Superfund program conducted soil and groundwater investigations and removal and remedial actions to protect human health and the environment. 

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