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Analysis of Pet Coke Samples

Analysis of pet coke samples submitted by KCBX

EPA required KCBX to submit samples of the petroleum coke stored on each of their sites for EPA to analyze in our labs. EPA published the resulting data on this website.

Lab Analyses of Pet Coke Samples

How were the pet coke samples collected?

Map showing three petroleum coke storage locations on Chicagos south side.
Map showing the locations of KCBX North and South terminals.

KCBX collected material from the six largest storage piles at the North Terminal and three main piles at the South Terminal. KCBX followed detailed sampling instructions provided by EPA.

KCBX delivered the samples to EPA’s Chicago Regional Laboratory for analysis.

KCBX Petroleum Coke Storage Pile Sampling Logbook and Photos - March 13, 2014