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Updates to's Look

Beginning December 18, 2016, you might notice a change in the look of our website. We've reworked the design of EPA's web pages to make them cleaner and lighter, to help you use them more easily and efficiently.  Lea más en español

  • Web pages are simpler to read and understand. We're improving the appearance and spacing of text and fonts to make it easier to read, particularly for people with low vision. We've increased the visibility of some critical navigation elements. Other visual features or colors are lightened or reduced, also to increase usability.
  • Certain common features or links are re-grouped or streamlined. For example, all EPA pages now have the same links at the bottom of the page in the "footer," so you can find these useful resources anywhere.
  • Pages work better on different devices. You may notice improved usability or consistency whether you're on a desktop computer or laptop, tablet, or a phone. And it's accessible for people who use assistive technologies like screen readers.
  • The design increases consistency with other government websites. There’s an effort going on inside government to make sure that federal agency websites have a consistent look and feel. The idea is that this consistency makes it easier to find the information you need regardless of what agency website you’re using. If you visit other government sites like or you’ll notice some similarities between those sites and the new site

However, EPA content is unchanged. The update to our look is more about how our web pages look. It doesn't affect the information or services you use or link to.  Remember, please update your links or bookmarks with the updated URL for EPA home page: