About Estuary Data Mapper (EDM)

The Estuary Data Mapper (EDM) is a free, interactive graphical application under development by the US EPA that allows scientific researchers to quickly and easily:

  • View and select estuary-scale geographical regions of interest - i.e., pan and zoom a map of the US coastal states displaying watersheds, streams and estuaries, land coverage, satellite images, etc.

  • Retrieve and view specified water-quality data, gauge measurements of tides and freshwater discharges, gridded modeled nitrogen deposition, land use, topography/bathymetry, satellite data, etc., subsetted by date-time and lat-long rectangle. (Data streamed via web servers at EPA, NOAA, USGS, USFWS, etc. Examples of water-quality data points include dissolved oxygen, turbidity and chlorophyll.)

    The data are available in the following formats:
    • PNG images,
    • MPG movies,
    • KML files,
    • ESRI shapefiles, and
    • ESRI ACII grids.

  • Save the resulting data subsets (as Shapefiles, grid files, etc.) for further analysis and import into the EPA estuarine data model, ArcGIS or open source GIS, GoogleEarth, etc.

The list of available maps and data is expanding during development and is shown in the EDM GUI. (Grayed-out buttons indicate a not-yet-implemented feature.)

EDM Mailing Lists

  • EDM-Announcements. Receive periodic announcements of software updates and new data added to EDM. Send an email to edm@epa.gov with "EDM Announcements" in the subject line.
  • EDM-Discussion. Join other EDM users in an email discussion group. Send an email to edm@epa.gov with "EDM Discussion" in the subject line and give us permission to share your email address with other EDM users.


  • Multiple data layers: e.g. gridded deposition, water quality, tidal gauge stations, etc. retrieved with one click and displayed and saved in seconds:
    Image of multiple data layers
  • One-click dataset selections for popular scenarios / decision-support tools:
    Image demonstrating one-click dataset selections.
  • Sediment core samples:
    Image of sediment core samples.
  • Land use (30-meter resolution):
    Image of land use with 30-meter resolution.
  • Topography/Bathymetry:
    Image of Topography/Bathymetry.
  • Polygonal Data: Wetlands, Temperature, etc.:
    Image of polygonal data.
    Image of polygonal data.
  • Satellite-measured water-quality data:
    Image of satellite-measured water-quality data.
  • Modelled meteorology and hydrodynamics data:
    Image modelled meteorology/hydrodynamics
  • Modelled coastal vulnerability data:
    Image of modelled coastal vulnerability data.
  • High-resolution satellite imagery:
    Example of high-resolution satellite imagery.
    Example of high-resolution satellite imagery.
  • Save subset data to ArcGIS, GoogleEarth, etc:
    Image of subset data saved to ArcGIS, Google Earth & others.
  • Quantum GIS:
    Image subset data saved ArcGIS, Google Earth & others.
  • Google Earth:
    Image subset data saved ArcGIS, Google Earth & others.

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