Clean Power Plan Toolbox for States: Documents and Resources

These resources can help states understand the proposed Clean Power Plan (CPP) issued by the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as emissions sources covered under this proposed rule.

  • Proposed Clean Power Plan and Technical Support Documents
  • CEIP Next Steps: The Clean Energy Incentive Program (CEIP) next steps document details the EPA’s outreach strategy for stakeholder input on the design and implementation of the CEIP. The document also lists several CEIP provisions about which the EPA is seeking stakeholder input.
  • State-specific Fact Sheets: Fact sheets for 47 states (not including Alaska, Hawaii or Vermont). Each fact sheet includes the state's interim and final carbon dioxide emission performance goals (expressed in both rate and mass), and how the rate-based goals compare to proposed goals.
  • Clean Power Plan State Goal Visualizer (XLSM)(1 pg, 3 MB) : The Clean Power Plan (CPP) establishes interim and final carbon dioxide (CO2) emission performance rates for two subcategories of fossil fuel-fired electricity generating units: fossil fuel-fired electric steam generating units (generally, coal- and oil-fired power plants) and natural gas-fired combined cycle generating units. To maximize the range of choices available to states in implementing the standards and to utilities in meeting them, EPA is establishing interim and final statewide goals. This interactive, excel-based tool illustrates the calculation of these emission performance rates, rate-based goals and mass-based goals for each state in a step-wise and graphical format, using the same steps as described in the CO2 Emission Performance Rate and Goal Computation Technical Support Document.
  • State Plan Decision Tree: This chart shows some of the compliance pathways available to states under the Clean Power Plan. Ultimately, it is up to the states to choose how they will meet the requirements of the rule.
  • Clean Power Plan - State and Tribal Rate and Mass Goals(2 pp, 36 K) : This document contains the state-wide and tribal goals from the final Clean Power Plan. Included are both rate-based and mass-based goals. Also presented are alternative mass-based goals with a new source mass complement.
  • Draft Evaluation, Measurement and Verification Guidance 
  • Initial CPP Submittal Memo (PDF) (8 pp, 1.1 M, About PDF)
  • ERC Geographic Eligibility Fact Sheet

Additional Resources: