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Public Notice: Final Permit; Tribal Minor New Source Review (NSR) General Permit for Gas Stations on Tribal Lands in California

Publish Date: 05/13/2019


EPA Region IX is issuing a general permit for use in Indian country within California pursuant to the Clean Air Act (CAA) Federal Indian Country Minor New Source Review (NSR) program for new and modified minor sources. The general permit is for a single source category, gasoline dispensing facilities (GDFs), and will be available in certain areas of Indian country that are within the geographical boundaries of California. This includes areas located in an Indian reservation or in another area of Indian country over which an Indian tribe, or the EPA, has demonstrated that the tribe has jurisdiction and where there is no EPA-approved minor NSR program in place. The EPA is finalizing this general permit as a streamlined option that owners or operators may elect to use for the CAA minor NSR preconstruction permitting of certain minor sources that construct or modify in Indian country and belong to the GDF source category.


Notice of final permit.


This permit becomes effective, and available for sources to request coverage, June 12, 2019, unless a petition for review of the final permit is properly and timely filed with the EPA Environmental Appeals Board (EAB) per 40 CFR 49.159(d). In that case, the permit's effectiveness will be stayed and construction cannot be authorized under this permit until agency review procedures are exhausted under 40 CFR 49.159(d) and the Regional Administrator subsequently issues a final permit. The general permit becomes effective and applicable as to a particular stationary source upon issuance by the reviewing authority of an Approval of the Request for Coverage for that particular stationary source.

For Further Information Contact

Lisa Beckham (, EPA Region IX, (415) 972-3811. Key portions of the administrative record for this decision, including the general permit, Technical Support Document, and Request for Coverage form, are available through a link at EPA Region IX's website. The administrative record for this action is available through (Docket ID #EPA-R09-OAR-2016-0580).

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