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Public Notice: California: Final Authorization of State Hazardous Waste Management Program Revisions

Publish Date: 01/14/2020


EPA is granting final authorization of the changes to the hazardous waste program submitted by California. As a result of EPA's authorization, California's revised program will become part of the authorized state hazardous waste program, and therefore will be federally enforceable. The single adverse comment received is outside the scope of the approval. As such, EPA concludes that no comments received on the subject of this action warrant any changes to the proposed authorization.


Final Authorization


This final authorization is effective January 14, 2020.

For Further Information Contact

Laurie Amaro (, EPA Region 9, 75 Hawthorne St., San Francisco, CA 94105. By phone: (415) 972-3364.

Applicant or Respondent

State of California

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