Benchmark Dose Tools

Choosing to Use Benchmark Dose Software (BMDS) or BMDS Wizard

Depending on your needs, you may choose to do your benchmark dose modeling with either BMDS or ICF International’s BMDS WizardExit. The BMDS install package for the current version of BMDS includes the BMDS Wizard.

BMDS is recommended for a quick individual model run on a dataset. It can also work on a larger variety of model types and specialized models than the BMDS Wizard.  

BMDS Wizard is a Microsoft Excel-based shell that simplifies and facilitates the documentation of BMD modeling for continuous, dichotomous, and dichotomous-cancer datasets. The Wizard is recommended if you need a complete analysis of and documentation for one or more datasets, especially if your results will support a risk assessment, such as an Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) assessment.

BMDS Wizard can also export Microsoft Word-formatted reports that employ the latest EPA-approved reporting format.

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