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Organization Chart for the National Risk Management Research Laboratory (NRMRL)

Office of Director

Alice Gilliland, Acting Director
Eric Hubbell, Acting Deputy Director

Associate Directors

  • Science
    Thomas Speth, Acting
  • Ecology
    Herbert Fredrickson

Assistant Laboratory Directors

  • Air and Energy
    Carlos Nunez
  • Chemical Safety for Sustainability
    Doug Young
  • Safe and Sustainable Water Resources
    Hale Thurston
  • Sustainable & Healthy Communities
    Thomas Holdsworth

Air and Energy Management Division

Lara Phelps, Acting Director
Lara Phelps, Acting Deputy
About AEMD
  • Stationary Source Branch
    Jacky Rosati Rowe, Chief
  • Energy and Natural Systems Branch
    William Yelverton, Chief
  • Distributed Source and Buildings Branch
    Richard Shores, Chief

Groundwater, Watersheds, & Ecosystems
Restoration Division

Ann Keeley, Acting Director
Dave Jewett, Acting Deputy
  • Technical Assistance and Technology Transfer Branch
    Scott Huling, Acting Chief
  • Subsurface Processes and Protection Branch
    Rick Wilkin, Acting Chief
  • Watershed, Ecosystem, and Subsurface Research Branch
    David Burden, Chief

Land and Materials Management Division

Kirk Scheckel, Acting Director
David Kozlowski, Deputy Director
About LMMD
  • Emerging Chemistry and Engineering Branch
    Michael Gonzalez, Chief
  • Life Cycle and Decision Support Branch
    Randy Parker, Chief
  • Remediation and Technology Evaluation Branch
    John McKernan, Acting Chief
  • Materials Management Branch
    David Carson, Chief

Water Systems Division

Sandhya Parshionikar, Acting Director 
Mark Rodgers, Acting Deputy
About WSD
  • Drinking Water Systems Branch
    Laura Boczek, Acting Chief
  • Drinking Water Treatment and Distribution Branch
    Regan Murray, Chief
  • Water Resources Recovery Branch
    Matthew Hopton, Acting Chief
  • Watershed Management Branch
    Michael Elovitz,  Chief