Lee M. Thomas Statement on U.S. Ratification of the Montreal Protocol

[EPA press release - April 5, 1988]

President Reagan today signed the Montreal Protocol on CFCs for protection of the ozone layer. EPA Administrator Lee M. Thomas is issuing the following statement with respect to the treaty ratification:

"We have made enormous progress toward understanding the ozone-depletion problem, and taking steps to solve it. The key to a solution is global cooperation. The Montreal Protocol represents a monumental global environmental achievement. But the job is not finished. Our immediate challenge is to encourage every signatory nation to promptly ratify the protocol so it can enter into force in January 1989. In the next weeks, I will contact my counterpart in each nation that has signed the agreement, to promote prompt action on ratification.

"Once the Protocol takes effect, our next challenge is to determine what further actions are warranted to respond to the recent disturbing scientific evidence. We must build on the momentum achieved last year in Montreal and utilize the Protocol's provisions to take whatever additional steps are necessary to safeguard the earth's protective shield."