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EF/ ICR Logo Information Collections Rule Query Form
for the State of VIRGINIA

This query form allows you to retrieve Information Collections Rule (ICR) database in Envirofacts. You can either select a report for the entire state, or search by utility name within the state.

User guide

State Search

Please select the report you would like to see. Reports are available for both disinfection by-products and microbials.

Microbials Disinfection By-products
State levels of Cryptosporidium State levels of bromate
State levels of Giardia State levels of chlorite
State levels of Virus State levels of trihalomethanes
State levels of total coliform State levels of haloacetic acids
State levels of fecal coliform
State levels of E. coli

Water System Search

The following water systems in this state submitted information for the Information Collection Rule. Please select a water system name from the following list:

Water System Name Water System ID
Appomattox River Water Authority VA4041035
City of Norfolk, Dept. of Utilities VA3710100
City of Portsmouth, DPU VA3740600
City of Roanoke, Roanoke, Va. VA2770650
Fairfax County Water Authority VA6059501
Richmond Department of Public Utilities VA4760100

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