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EF/ICR logo Column Name: UP_TYPE

Description: Unit process type: Additional Water Source = AWS, Addition Water Sampling Point = ASP, Adsorption Clarifier = ADC, Air Stripping = AIR, Clearwell = CLR, Diatomaceous Earth Filter = DEF, Disinfectant Addition = DIS, Disinfection Contact Basin =DCB, , Dissolved Air Flotation = DAF, Filtration = FIL, Flocculation Basin = FLC, Granular Activated Carbon = GAC, Ion Exchange = IEX, Membrane = MEM, Other Treatment Process = OTH, Ozone Chamber = OCB, Presedimentation = PRE, Rapid Mix = RAP, Recarbonation Basin = RCB, Sedimentation = SED, Slow Sand Filtration = SSF, Solids Contact Clarifier = SCC, Washwater Return = WWR, Washwater Return Sampling Point = WSP.

Envirofacts Table Name: TUXUNPRO

Data Source:


Definition Source: Data Element Dictionary for the Information Collection Rule Auxiliary 1 Database.

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