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EF/ICR logo Column Name: MPT_TYPE

Description: Type of process train where samples are collected during the sampling period (e.g., conventional filtration, direct filtration, two stage softening). CONV = Conventional Filtration, DF = Direct Filtration, ILF = In-Line Filtration, SSF = Slow Sand Filtration, SOFT = Softening, TS/SOFT = Two Stage Softening, CS/SOFT = Coagulation/ Sedimentation/ Softening, DIS/GW = Disinfection Only/ Groundwater, OTHER/GW = Other Groundwater, UNFILT/SW = Unfiltered Surface Water, MEMBRANE = Membrane Treatment, DIS/WHSALE = Disinfection of Purchased Finished Water, OTHER = Other.

Envirofacts Table Name: TUXPLTMON

Data Source:


Definition Source: Data Element Dictionary for the Information Collection Rule Auxiliary 1 Database.

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