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EF/ICR logo Column Name: EVENTSEQ

Description: Numerical sequence of sampling point represented through-the-system. Influent has a sequence number zero; points in the unit process train are numbered sequentially from the influent; finished water is assigned the maximum sample sequence number from the unit process train plus 1; for non-blended plants, points within the distribution system are numbered sequentially from the finished water as follows: DSE = FW+1, AVG1=FW+2, AVG2 = FW+3, MAX = FW+4, SDS = FW+5, NFC = FW+6. For blended plants, distribution system points are numbered sequentially from the entry point to the distribution system, which has a sequence number of 200.

Envirofacts Table Name: TUXSAMPLE

Data Source:


Definition Source: Data Element Dictionary for the Information Collection Rule Auxiliary 1 Database.

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