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Coastal 2003 - Preliminary Delaware Data Base SAS XPORT Format

Preliminary Coastal 2003 data (Level 1 QA data) from the state of Delaware are available below. To download the data files from this page, click on "Get Data", then "Save it to disk". Open the xport.zip file and all data files are in SAS XPORT format.

For an overview of the database design, key fields, and coded variables Read This (7 pp, 38 Kb, about PDF)

STATIONS: Sampling Station Location Data
EVENTS: Station Visit Data
BOATLOC: Detailed Sampling Location data
SAMPLOG: All Samples collected at station
WATRPHYS: Water Quality Physical Measurements Data
CTDRET: Water Quality QA Data
NUTSAMPS: Water Quality Nutrients Sample Information
SEDGRABS: Sediment Sample Information (no analysis results available)
BENGRABS: Benthic Sample Information
TISSUE Tissue/Anatomical Measurements (fish, lobster, etc.)
FTRAWL: Fish Trawl Information
NCAEED2002 Delaware Lab Nutrients Data
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