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Region 3 Validation and Sensitivity Analysis Project Information

The State of Delaware is currently developing a program to begin assessing the condition of wetlands throughout the state. To meet the goals of improved resource management and the requirement of the settlement agreement, we have been developing tools and testing assessment design and implementation methods in the Nanticoke River watershed as part of projects funded by REMAP and EPA Wetland Program Development Grants. The proposed project would continue these efforts by providing advanced statistical analysis to validate and calibrate a rapid assessment technique with a comprehensive wetland assessment technique. The product produced with this project is a statistically sound and validated wetland assessment method that the State can use to begin a statewide wetland assessment program.

Objective 1: Compare the results of the rapid assessment (Level 2) with the comprehensive assessment (Level 3) results to determine if they are the same.

Objective 2: Determine the sensitivity of the rapid assessment methods (Level 2) for determining condition of wetlands.

Objective 3: Determine the confidence level of using a rapid assessment (Level 2) versus a comprehensive assessment (Level 3) to report on wetland condition.

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