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Galveston Bay 1993
Regional Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program

Cynthia Gorham-Test

1998. EPA-906-R-98-002. Ecosystems Protection Branch,
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 6. Dallas, Texas.

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The Regional Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program (R-EMAP) Study of Galveston Bay, Texas, addresses the ecological health of this estuary by identifying benthic community structure, measuring toxicity of sediments, and measuring concentrations of various pollutants in the sediments. The R-EMAP Study of Galveston Bay was proposed after the EPA's 1991 EMAP Study of the Louisianian Province estuaries identified Galveston Bay as an area of concern. The sampling design and ecological indicators employed for the R-EMAP Study of Galveston Bay are based on the EMAP concept (a locally intensified EMAP sampling grid was used), but they are limited to one sampling event. The purpose of this study was to characterize the condition of Galveston Bay as a whole, characterize conditions of four small bays in the Galveston Bay Complex, and determine the impacts of marinas.

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