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Measuring the Ecological Condition

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program-Surface Waters:
Field Operations and Methods for Measuring the Ecological Condition
of Non-Wadeable Rivers and Streams

Lazorchak, J.M., Hill, B.H., Averill, D.K., D.V. Peck, and D.J. Klemm (editors).

2000. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Cincinnati OH.

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The methods and instructions for field operations presented in this manual for surveys of non-wadeable streams and rivers were developed and tested based on 55 sample sites in the Mid-Atlantic region and 53 sites in an Oregon study during two years of pilot and demonstration projects (1997 and 1998). These projects were conducted under the sponsorship of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and its collaborators through the Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Pro-gram(EMAP). This program focuses on evaluating ecological conditions on regional and national scales. This document describes procedures for collecting data, samples, and information about biotic assemblages, environmental measures, or attributes of indicators of non-wadeable stream ecosystem condition. The procedures presented in this manual were developed based on standard or accepted methods, modified as necessary to adapt them to EMAP sampling requirements. They are intended for use in field studies sponsored by EMAP.

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