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Measuring the Ecological Condition

Field Operations and Methods Manual for Non-Wadeable Streams


The title page, notice, list of section authors, abstract, Table of Contents, list of figures, list of tables, acknowledgments, and lists of acronyms, abbreviations and measurement units for the document can be found in the Introductory Material. The PDF files from the report are:

Introductory Material (18 pp, 46 Kb, about PDF)
Section 1 (10 pp, 40 Kb, about PDF)- Introduction
Section 2 (11 pp, 304 Kb, about PDF)- Overview of Field Operations
Section 3 (13 pp, 1.5 Mb, about PDF)- Base Location Activities
Section 4 (8 pp, 1.9 Mb, about PDF)- Initial Site Procedures
Section 5 (10 pp, 1.7 Mb, about PDF)- Water Chemistry and Microbiology
Section 6 (29 pp, 4.6 Mb, about PDF)- Physical Habitat Characterization -- Non-wadeable Rivers
Section 7 (10 pp, 2 Mb, about PDF)- Periphyton
Section 8 (5 pp, 1 Mb, about PDF)- Sediment Community Metabolism
Section 9 (14 pp, 1.3 Mb, about PDF)- Benthic Macroinvertebrates
Section 10 (14 pp, 2.8 Mb, about PDF)- Aquatic Vertebrates
Section 11 (7 pp, 818 Kb, about PDF)- Fish Tissue Contaminants
Section 12 (5 pp, 1.3 Mb, about PDF)- Visual Stream Assessments
Section 13 (2 pp, 8 Kb, about PDF)- Final Site Activities
Appendix A (9 pp, 354 Kb, about PDF)- Equipment and Supply Checklists
Appendix B (18 pp, 52 Kb, about PDF)- Quick Reference Guides
Appendix C (21 pp, 52 Kb, about PDF)- Species Codes for Aquatic Vertebrates
Download the entire file (~19.6Mb) (204 pp, 197 Kb, about PDF)

In all cases, the source for this information for citation purposes is:

Lazorchak, J.M., Hill, B.H., Averill, D.K., D.V. Peck, and D.J. Klemm (editors). 2000. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program-Surface Waters: Field Operations and Methods for Measuring the Ecological Condition of Non-Wadeable Rivers and Streams. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Cincinnati OH.

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