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Connecticut Phase I Design (2000/2001) Narrative

Connecticut used a two-year sampling plan in 2000/2001 based on three strata. The NCA design incorporated existing CT Long Island Sound Survey Sites. These sites (the Long Island Sound stratum) were assigned areas based on polygons surrounding the existing sites. The other two strata used hexagon grids to locate stations. Fish surveys were conducted at separate stations based on ongoing CT Fish Surveys.

The map file ct2k.jpg shows planned CT water and sediment sampling locations for 2000-2001. The file CT2000_locations.xls provides planned latitude/longitudes for all stations (including those in New York water). The files CT2000_2001_locations.xls planned latitude/longitudes Year 2001 stations. The file CT2000_2001_areas.xls provides information on station areas.

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