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Region 7 Iowa Wetlands Project Information

This proposal seeks to provide the first in a series of coordinated strategic steps toward building a systematic and effective wetland-monitoring and assessment program. We intend to link this project to several other projects (some existing, some to be proposed) which, when taken in their entirety, will be designed to provide a scalable (to the ecoregion and state levels) and holistic (both biological and chemical) monitoring and assessment program for all Iowa's wetlands. The development of a wetland monitoring methodology within this project will then be used by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to implement wetland monitoring.

Objective 1: a periodic assessment (status and trends) of the condition and stressors of Iowa's wetlands

Objective 2: an assessment of the effectiveness of wetlands toward meeting nutrient management goals

Objective 3: the setting of appropriate water quality and biological standards for wetlands protection as part of the state's ambient water quality monitoring program.

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