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NNEMS Project 2011-305

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The deadline for applying to the 2011 program was March 4, 2011. Details and program materials are provided for reference purposes.

Program Announcement
Identifier: EPA-EED-11-01

NNEMS Catalog for 2011
(EPA 171-B-11-001)

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NNEMS Application Materials
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Improving Air Quality Data Access

Office of Air and Radiation, Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards

The Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards (OAQPS) is part of EPA's Office of Air and Radiation. Its primary mission is to preserve and improve air quality in the United States. To accomplish this, OAQPS compiles and reviews air pollution data; develops regulations to limit and reduce air pollution; assists states and local agencies with monitoring and controlling air pollution; makes information about air pollution available to the public; and reports to Congress the status of air pollution and the progress made in reducing pollution.

OAQPS is consolidating its two main websites that provide access to air quality data. The consolidated site will serve as the primary public access site and will contain a suite of data analysis tools. It will be connected directly to the source air quality database - the Air Quality System (AQS) Data Mart.

The redesigned and new tools will assist stakeholders in evaluating air quality in the context of newly-revised National Ambient Air Quality Standards and the Air Quality Index. Users of the tools will be able to generate data products dynamically, pulling data directly from the AQS Data Mart.

Under this project, the fellow will use SAS/Graph®, SAS/Internet®, SAS macros, SQL, and Oracle databases to manage and analyze air quality data. This project will involve writing or editing SAS® and HTML code to work with existing air quality data tools. Some knowledge of SQL will be helpful, but is not essential. This fellowship provides a unique opportunity to use cutting-edge technology that assists air quality data users - the public, researchers, health scientists, State/Local/Tribal offices, EPA Regional offices, and Regional Planning Organizations.

During this project the fellow will: (1) gain an understanding of the air quality data collected from state and local air pollution control agencies and make these data available to the public, (2) have the opportunity to write and implement SAS and HTML code in a working environment, (3) begin to develop an understanding of how air quality data analysis can be used to solve environmental problems, (4) interact with and observe EPA technical/policy staff and management, and (5) learns skills for future project management opportunities. The fellow will also develop skills in problem-solving, communication, data presentation, and project management.

Final Product:
The fellow will prepare a report and presentation about the tools he or she developed for air quality analysis.

Desired Level of Education:
Junior to Graduate Student

Project Location:
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

Project Period:
5/10/2011 to 8/20/2011

Project Officer:
Dennis Shipman

This site contains Adobe PDF files. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader click here to download the program. See EPA’s PDF page for more information about getting and using the free Acrobat Reader.


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