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Great Lakes Ecological Protection and Restoration

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Springfield Township in cooperation with United States EPA

Table of Contents

  1. What is a Native Plant?
  2. Why Should We Design with Native Plants?
  3. Myths About Using Native Plants
  4. Plants to Avoid
  5. Getting Started
  6. List of Local/Regional Nurseries and Consultants
  7. Typical Landscape Cross-Section
  8. How the Database Fits with Other Township Initiatives
  9. Who to Contact for More Information 
  10. Plant List
  11. Credits and Copyrights
  12. CD Version of the Native Enhancement Project

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The Springfield Township Michigan Native Vegetation Enhancement Project

Development of this interactive database was made possible by funding from Springfield Township and by a grant to the Township from the Great Lakes National Program Office of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Springfield Township is especially grateful to the many individuals -- including nursery and landscape professionals and consultants, local garden club members and native plant enthusiasts, developers, resource conservation planners, and local officials and area residents -- who participated in this project's Advisory Committee, and who so willingly and enthusiastically gave of their time and expertise.

Special thanks, also, to staff of Oakland County's Department of Information Technology, and Department of Planning and Economic Development Services, for their assistance to the Township.

Many of the plant images were obtained from:

USDA Plants Database, National Resources Conservation Service

Wisconsin State Herbarium, University of Wisconsion - Madison

Use or reproduction of these images are subject to certain restrictions by USDA and by the Wisconsin State Herbarium. For further information, contact their web sites.

Additional plant images and photos were obtained from the collections of:

Trish Beckjord -- Ann Arbor, Michigan
Chuck Cares -- Professor Emeritus, Landscape Architecture, University of Michigan
Sally Elmiger -- Carlisle/Wortman Associates, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Robert Grese -- Professor, Landscape Architecture, University of Michigan
Carol Jones - Springfield Township, Michigan
Bill Schneider -- Wildtype, Mason, Michigan
Nancy Strole -- Springfield Township, Michigan
Land Ethics, Inc. -- Ann Arbor, Michigan
Natural Area Preservation, Ann Arbor Parks & Recreation -- Ann Arbor, Michigan

Use and reproduction of these images is authorized for educational or other noncommercial purposes without prior permission, but acknowledgement must be given to the photographer and/or Springfield Township. Use or reproduction of the photographs for commercial purposes is prohibited without prior written permission of the photographers and/or Springfield Township.

Except for any information, images or data previously copyrighted to USDA, the Wisconsin State Herbarium, or their photographers, or images provided by individuals/organizations listed above, information contained in this database is copyrighted to the Charter Township of Springfield ("Township"). The Township shall remain the sole and exclusive owner of all rights, title and interest in and to all specifically copyrighted information contained herein. Use and reproduction of the plant database is authorized for educational or other noncommercial purposes without prior permission from the Township but acknowledgement must be given to the Charter Township of Springfield. Use or reproduction of the plant database for commercial purposes is prohibited without prior permission of the Township.

Springfield Township has prepared these materials and has made every attempt to insure that the information contained herein is accurate. However, the Township does not warrant the accuracy of any of the information found in these materials and assumes no responsibility for any inaccuracies or omissions in this information. The list of local/regional nurseries, consultants, and materials are provided as a service and the inclusion of a particular individual company or publication does not represent an endorsement by the Township, or any warranty that the information contained in those materials is accurate. Neither the Township nor any of its employees or agents shall be held liable for any use of the information described and/or contained herein. The Township is not responsible for any consequences of the use of any of this information by any individual or organization. If you find any errors or omissions, we encourage you to report them to the Township.

CD Version of Native Vegetation Enhancement Project

This web site is adapted from the Native Vegetation Enhancement Project CD-ROM, which was developed by Springfield Township with funding assistance from U.S. EPA, Great Lakes National Program Office.

The CD-ROM contains additional plant search capabilities that could not be effectively transferred to a web site. For example, users who do not know either the common or scientific names of plants can access a screen on the CD-ROM that enables them to search for and identify plants by selecting from among nine characteristics: such as habitat, soils, bloom time, color preference and wildlife attributes. By using this screen, a user searching for yellow wildflowers that attract butterflies, for example, will be presented with a listing and photos of 22 wildflowers that meet those criteria. The user can then access detailed information about a particular flower by clicking on the photo of interest. In addition, the CD-ROM contains a glossary of selected terms with which users might not be familiar.

Limited supplies of the Native Vegetation Enhancement Project CD-ROM are available from Springfield Township and from U.S. EPA. Please note that the current version of the CD-ROM is designed to run on the Windows operating system. For information about obtaining the CD-ROM, contact:

Clerk's Office
Charter Township of Springfield

12000 Davisburg Road
Davisburg, MI 48350
Tel: (248) 846-6510
E-mail: clerk@springfield-twp.us 
U. S. Environmental Protection Agency
Lawrence Brail

For information about adapting this CD concept to address similar or other types of land planning challenges, contact the Township's consultant:

Land Ethics, Inc.
201 E. Liberty, Suite 16
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Tel: (734) 623-0200
E-mail: pkumble@landethics.org


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