Clues of Climate Change

The screen shows an animated landscape with an ocean in the front, the shoreline behind it, mountains in the distance, and the sky above. From left to right, the scene changes from a tropical beach to an agricultural area, a large city, a forested area, and finally an Arctic tundra landscape.

Clicking on different parts of the landscape will reveal 11 clues that climate change is happening.

  1. Clicking on a storm cloud reveals the words “Changing rain and snow patterns.”
  2. Clicking on a flock of birds in the sky reveals the words “Changes in animal migration and life cycles.”
  3. Clicking on a snow-capped mountain reveals the words “Less snow and ice.”
  4. Clicking on a tropical scene with a fierce windstorm reveals the words “Stronger storms.”
  5. Clicking on a city with farms in the background reveals the words “Higher temperatures and more heat waves.”
  6. Clicking on a burning forest next to a dried-up reservoir reveals the words “More droughts and wildfires.”
  7. Clicking on a section of the Arctic tundra with a buckled road and sinking houses reveals the words “Thawing permafrost.”
  8. Clicking on a tropical coral reef reveals the words “Damaged corals.”
  9. Clicking on a section of the ocean with waves lapping against a beach and a city sea wall reveals the words “Rising sea level.”
  10. Clicking on another part of the ocean reveals the words “Warmer oceans.”
  11. Clicking on a pair of flowers growing out of the tundra reveals the words “Changes in plant life cycles.”

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