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Community Action for a Renewed Environment (CARE)

CARE Business Partners and Supporters

The Environmental Protection Agency's CARE Program believes that local businesses are a necessary piece to a successful community partnership and virtually all CARE communities have local business and often local business organizations as active members of their partnership. These businesses contribute time, money and in-kind donations to the partnerships. Some examples of their contributions include:

  • City of Gary, IN, CARE business partner U.S. Steel dedicating $1 M of diesel retrofits for the city's trucking fleet.
  • Rochester, NY, CARE business partner, Kodak contribution of $19,000 to the project, and,
  • Philadelphia, PA, CARE business partners from the Philadelphia port terminals contribution of retrofits diesel oxidation catalysts to reduce diesel emissions from their operations.

Examples of specific companies and business organizations that have joined CARE partnerships include:

AB Trucking General Dynamics, Inc.
Alabama Power Company Goodrich Corporation
Arizona Chemical, LLC Indiana American Water
Ashland Inc. Kinder Morgan Terminals
Bank of America Krapf Bus Company
Blue Sun Biodiesel Pacific Gas & Electric Company
Boeing Pacoima Credit Union
Camp Dresser and McKee, Inc. Schwan Food Company
Campbell Soup Senath State Bank
Churchill Transportation South Jersey Port Corporation
Connstep, Inc. Sprague Energy
Dole Fresh Fruit Suncor Energy
Durango McKinley Paper Company U.S. Steel
Eastman Kodak Waste Management, Inc.
Energa, LLC  
Ford Motor Company/Rouge Plant  
Business Organizations
Chamber of Commerce Visioning Wichita-Sustainability Coalition Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce
Chinatown-ID Business Improvement Area North Salina Community Development Group
Genesse Transportation Council Southwest Detroit Business Association
Kenneth MO Chamber of Commerce  

Business partners and supporters quotes:

Sue Briggum, Vice President, Federal Public Affairs, Waste Management, Inc.,

"The business community is excited about EPA's being focused on being a facilitator for collaborations that exhibit total equality of partnership. In these facilitations, the community is key and business is welcome to be a constructive partner. This gives business an opportunity to be a good neighbor. The CARE Program is an example of government at its best!"

"There is an enormous amount of business participation in CARE partnerships, including active partners like the Chambers of Commerce. In addition, we are seeing tangible environmental results in CARE communities."

Bill Kochanik, Savannah Plant Manager, Ashland Inc., Savannah, GA

"The CARE program is an excellent example of how the community works with business in a partnership to improve conditions in the local neighborhoods. The grant along with involvement and direction from the EPA allows the community and business to establish the process to identify and prioritize resident concerns. The partnership in conjunction with local government agencies then begins to work on important issues."

"The most important aspect is that the process establishes the connections required for open dialogue and continued improvements. Ashland is proud to be a member of this community round table which supports our commitment to Responsible Care which states "We responsibly manage our global environmental, health, safety and security obligations and positively contribute to the communities in which we operate and to society as a whole."

Joe Boyle, V.P. Equipment, Churchill Transportation, Detroit, MI

"Churchill Transportation is proud to be a Southwest Detroit Environment Vision Healthy Business Partner and appreciate CAREs assistance in our continued efforts to upgrade equipment, reduce pollution and improve the quality of life for our employees and the residents of Southwest Detroit."

"We look forward to the spring when we can move forward with our next Healthy Business project - a Green space with a garden, where employees can enjoy their breaks and nearby residents have something beautiful to look at."

Tom Rossmassler, President and CEO, Energa, LLC., Holyoke, MA

"As the President and CEO of Energa, Holyoke's energy services company, I have seen firsthand the amazing benefits that Nuestras Raíces' EPA CARE grant brought to our community and the wider region. The EPA CARE grant that was awarded to Nuestras Raíces' was instrumental in the organizations decision to go into the energy efficiency business as a way to generate income to sustain the organization and to support the community."

"As a company whose business plan is committed to the triple bottom line, Energa promotes environmental sustainability through energy efficiency and conservation while at the same time creating career path green jobs for local young people, the majority of whom are low-income Latino youth. Energa is prospering because of the EPAs vision to provide funding to Nuestras Raíces' to help build the capacity of the residents of Holyoke to understand the importance of protecting the environment our company helps to save energy and build lives!"

Mike Husain, Sustainability Director, Arizona Chemical, LLC, Savannah, GA

" As an established biorefinery of a business-to-business company in Savannah, Arizona Chemical has enjoyed good community relations for many years. The CARE program allowed a diversified group of local citizens to map environmental concerns and priorities that are specifically tailored to West Savannah."

" This 2009-2011 broad approach with the underlying theme of collaboration, led to a much more data based outcome than had typically been achieved through the Press, the previous communication venue of choice for local concerns. As a business participant in the Savannah CARE Team, we gained additional awareness and understanding, and another platform to pursue alignment of local ideas."

Collection of quotes from Boston Safe Shops CARE project small business partners:

Universal Auto Repair

"It helps me to understand a lot of the documentation, regulations, and permits needed to comply with the city. Now I keep my permits up to date, and I have taken measures to reduce contamination in my shop."

Berto Auto Repair

" I knew a lot of these things, but I took them for granted. It is a refreshment for me and new information for my new employees. They learned a lot from this training and I can see a change in their behavior. They are using more safety equipment to protect themselves. We learned a lot of new and good information from these trainings."

Spring and Brake

"The safe shop staffs is very professional, and helpful, they help me improve my shop by letting me know those areas where I need improvement, like housekeeping issues, permits and licenses. These trainings are extremely positive. I really appreciated the effort and commitment they put on this trainings."

Moreno Auto:

" I learned new techniques, and Im constantly improving my business by taking their suggestion In a practical way. I change my light bulbs for energy efficient bulbs, and I have acquired new environmentally friendly products. My employees are very happy with these trainings; they work better and take care of their health and safety."

Hyde Park Electric

" I really appreciated the..posters you gave me. I think you need to go to shops that do not follow the rules and train them. Those shops make the good shops look bad, and give(s) us bad name and reputation, it makes us pay more."

Arrow Auto Body

"I used to complain a lot to my employees in regards to their personal safety, after they took this training they are behaving in a more responsible manner. They are using, gloves, mask, and respirators, and are more aware of changing the filters regularly inside the spray booth to protect our neighborhood from the smell of paint. This is an excellent program. I hope it will continue helping us in the future, we are very happy. .. thank(s) to all of you guys for taking the time to help us. I bought new tools, and new packages of safety glasses, and other stuff in order for them to have it when they need it, and they are using it."

E & J

"Excellent job, very good job, we are very grateful for this program."

A & C Auto

"Good job."

Disclaimer: Participation as a CARE partner does not imply any endorsement by US EPA or the US Government. EPA does not endorse any of its CARE partners, their products or services.

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