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Modeling Subsurface Petroleum Hydrocarbon Transport

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Pore Scale Distribution of NAPLs

Physical Model Experiments Conducted by Dr. John L. Wilson

Dr. John L. Wilson of New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology performed a set of experiments with a natural medium -- Sevilleta sand of New Mexico. These experiments also illustrate the distribution of fluids in aquifers (water and non-aqueous phase liquid) and the vadose zone (water, non-aqueous phase liquid, and air).

These experiments differ from those of Dr. Schwille in several ways; most important is that neither the solids nor the packing is uniform. Here, also, the fluid phases were represented by epoxy resins or polymers. These could flow into sand packs as liquids and then solidify. Sections of the sand packs and non-wetting ganglia then could be viewed under a microscope and photographed.

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