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Modeling Subsurface Petroleum Hydrocarbon Transport

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Irregular Water/NAPL Distribution Copyright 1988 CRC Press The previous water/NAPL distribution had very uniformly shaped and sized droplets of NAPL. This feature was largely caused by the uniformity of the pore space. In this figure the pore space is not so regular and a wider variety of droplet sizes is evident.

The NAPL still is the non-wetting phase and is found in the largest-sized openings. This blocks the largest openings in the pore distribution to the water. Since the water cannot occupy the entire pore space its flow is restricted. Thus the hydraulic conductivity of this pore network to water is reduced because of the presence of the NAPL.

The color photograph on this page reprinted with permission from Dense Chlorinated Solvents, Friedrich Schwille, Translated by James F. Pankow, 1988, Copyright CRC Press, Boca Raton, Florida c 1988

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