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Given, now, that some of the parameters used in the model should have raised a red flag, what would be a better approach? We've used the OnSite calculators to generate improved estimates which could be used in the model. This would be one way to proceed. We need to make sure, however, that the model reproduces the field data. So the new values are subject to change during calibration of the model. But there still is the problem of inadequate site characterization; we don't know the extent of contamination.... Effectively there is nothing in the direction of ground water flow to calibrate the model against. The bottom line result is that without a data set to calibrate the model, we won't be able to test our new parameters values.

With this limitation in mind we'll continue by estimating the travel time to a receptor located across the street from the gas station. We'll also estimate the concentration at this location. The purpose of these estimates is to see how likely it is that the benzene has gone further than discovered during site assessment.

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