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EPA On-line Tools for Site Assessment Calculation

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Plume Diving

The prospects for plume diving should be considered when placing wells at all sites. The first consideration should be indications of dipping strata from well logs. These can control the distribution of contaiminants down gradient from the source. Recharge can also cause plume diving. The calculator shows the effect due to recharge only. The implication of the results are that for some aquifers the recharge of clean water to the aquifer can push the plume deeper into the aquifer.

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The plume diving calculator was designed to be used as a tool for site assessment by following these steps:

  • Estimate the required parameters for the each segment of the flow system:
    • Up and down gradient heads
    • Aquifer hydraulic conductivity
    • Recharge rate
  • Run the calculator for the proposed well location
  • Check the plume depth at the location
  • Locate well screen in appropriate vertical interval
The calculator uses a simple aquifer model, in complex geological settings a more complex model would be required to show the effects of recharge on plumes.

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