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Serving New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and Eight Tribal Nations.

September 11 Image Gallery

The North Tower as seen from a NYC Police helicopter. View from EPA offices as second plane hit the South Tower. Setting up air monitors in New Jersey.
The dust cloud approaches Chambers Street (shot from NYC Police helicopter). The enormity of the debris pile (courtesy NOAA). Volunteers and professionals alike rushed to help with recovery. Despite advice to wear respirators, many did not.
Recovered metal debris at Fresh Kills landfill. Some monitoring was done on the burning debris pile. Cars and trucks were power-washed and debris being hauled to piers was wetted down and covered so dust did not fly about (courtesy FEMA).
EPA wash station. Personal wash stations for recovery workers. Hundreds of damaged cars were recycled at Fresh Kills.
Sifting debris at Fresh Kills landfill. Worker vacuums building interior. Air monitor near debris pile.
Heavy dust accumulation in store close to WTC. Potentially hazardous material awaiting removal. Air quality monitoring at Vesey and West Street, near WTC.
Workers clean exterior of building in Lower Manhattan. Poster announcing EPA residential dust cleanup program on phone booth in Lower Manhattan. Recovery workers in EPA's central wash station.
Vacuum truck working in front of the New York Stock Exchange. Some of the hundreds of EPA employees working on WTC-related issues. Then EPA Administrator Christie Todd Whitman and then New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani opening EPA's central wash station.
Then EPA Regional Administrator Jane Kenny announcing EPA's dust cleanup plan. Map of asbestos air monitors. EPA central wash station framed by the "towers of light."


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