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Water: Monitoring & Assessment

King County, Washington Amphibian Monitoring Program

Last Updated: March 2000

Contact Information

Klaus Richter, Ph.D.
Senior Ecologist
Resource Lands and Open Space Section
King County Department of Natural Resources
201 South Jackson Street, Suite 600
Seattle, WA 98104-3855
Phone: (206) 205-5622
Fax: (206) 296-0192
Email: klaus.richter@metrokc.gov

Purpose(s) of Project

The King County Wetland-Breeding Amphibian Monitoring Program is designed to provide the county with long-term amphibian, wetland, and landscape information for planning and regulatory purposes. From 1993 through 1997, 126 volunteers were trained to census amphibian eggs, juveniles, and adults in 81 freshwater wetlands of 26 watersheds in King County. Selected wetlands were monitored in three rapidly urbanizing priority watershed basins. Analysis of species distribution, population trends, and amphibian health was completed. The project also used the biological information for amphibians to assess wetland and watershed condition.

The project's monitoring goals are to:

  • Identify the occurrence of the state-endangered Oregon spotted frog.
  • Determine land uses compatible with wetland and amphibian conservation objectives.
  • Provide data to help develop and implement regulations for the protection of amphibians and their habitats.
  • Identify population distribution status of other county-declining species.
  • Obtain standardized baseline inventory data on the distribution, abundance, and health of amphibians in King County wetlands.
  • Provide information to King County, Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, Washington State Department of Ecology, and federal resource agencies for developing regional wetland and wildlife management programs.
  • Develop an effective public outreach and education program to train citizens to monitor amphibians and wetland conditions to foster wetland stewardship.

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