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Water: Monitoring & Assessment

Volunteer Wetland-Monitoring:

a Preliminary Compendium of Materials

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

The following list of publications and contacts is in the development stage; it is not comprehensive. The EPA Wetlands Division offers this as an interim guide to resources; at a later date we will produce a more complete compendium of resources including an annotated bibliography. The references have been placed in categories that indicatethe main approach of each publication. Some publications are listed in more than one of these categories. As much information as possible about how to obtain each publication is included, but this information is not yet entirely systematic or complete.

Technical and Training Manuals

General Water Monitoring

Public Involvement (and/or Advocacy)

  • Lalo, J. (Ed.). 1993. Saving Wetlands: A Citizen's Guide for Action in the Mid-Atlantic Region. National Audubon Society, Mid-Atlantic Regional Office; 1104 Fernwood Ave., Suite 300, Camp Hill, PA 17011, Tel. (717) 763-4985. May be out of print.
  • Miller, T., J. Martin, L. Storm, and C. Bertolotto. 1996. Monitoring Wetlands: A Manual for Training Volunteers (collaboration with EPA Reg. 10 and King Cty). Adopt-a-Beach (Washington non-profit), 4649 Sunnyside Ave. N, Rm 305, Seattle, WA 98103. $15. May be out of print.
  • Pritchard, K. 1994. A Manual for Wetland Characterization. Adopt-a-Beach (Washington non-profit) 4649 Sunnyside Ave. N, Rm 305, Seattle, WA 98103. May be out of print.
  • Rave, K. 1996. Wetland Walk Manual (10 pp, 273 K). USEPA. EPA 910/R-009. National Service Center for Environmental Publications (NSCEP), P.O. Box 42419, Cincinnati, OH 45242-0419, Tel. (800) 490-9198, nscep@bps-lmit.com.
  • Southam, T., and E.A. Curran (eds). 1996. The Wetlandkeepers Handbook: A Practical Guide to Wetland Care Exit EPA Disclaimer. British Columbia Wildlife Federation, Surrey, BC, and Environment Canada, Delta B.C. Free download (PDF) (214 pp, 6.26MB) Exit EPA Disclaimer.
  • Williams, C., K. Firehock, and J. Vincentz. 1998. Handbook for Wetlands Conservation and Sustainability Exit EPA Disclaimer. Second Edition. Izaak Walton League of America. Tel. (800) 233-8787. $39.95.


*For "NTIS" publications, call National Technical Information Service: 1-800-553-6847.

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