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Water: Information Collection

ICR Treatment Study Database, Version 1.0

The treatment study provision of the Information Collection Rule (ICR) required utilities that met certain requirements to conduct disinfection byproduct (DBP) precursor removal studies evaluating either granular activated carbon (GAC) or nanofiltration (NF). A total of 99 treatment studies were conducted under the ICR, including 63 GAC studies and 36 NF studies. The results of these studies were reviewed, analyzed and consolidated by USEPA.

The ICR Treatment Study Database, Version 1.0 (EPA 815-C-00-003, August 2000) contains the results of the EPA review and analysis as well as the raw data and the reports submitted by utilities that conducted these studies. The information contained in this database includes: general water quality data, DBP precursor concentrations, DBPs formed during simulated distribution system testing, process design parameters, pretreatment information, full-scale plant data, and laboratory QA/QC data.

The database was developed in Microsoft Access 97 and can be converted to Access 2000. In addition to the Access database, there are links to PDF files containing supporting documentation, including a Database User's Guide, and Excel spreadsheets containing the raw data. All files are contained on a single CD-ROM. To obtain a copy of the ICR Treatment Study Database CD-ROM, please go to www.epa.gov/ncepihom/ordering.htm and use EPA document number EPA 815-C-00-003 when ordering.

The results from the ICR treatment studies were used during the Microbial Disinfection Byproducts Federal Advisory Committee negotiations to evaluate the efficacy of GAC and NF treatment for DBP precursor removal. This database will continue to serve as a valuable resource to the industry, government agencies, academia and researchers investigating these technologies.

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