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Water: Water Quality Standards

State Disclaimers

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

This is the final release of the WQSDB it will not be updated. (For future plans, see the Release 9 Fact Sheet.) You can see the WQS documents upon which the WQSDB information was based and access state WQS program webpages. You are also able to download pre-formatted reports, and copies of the database.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

State-specific disclaimers
State Type Comments
CT General Questions concerning the classification of specific waters, designated uses assigned to those waters, or application of water quality standards and criteria in any of Connecticut's water quality management programs should be directed to the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Water Management. We may be reached at (860)424-3704 or visit our website.
DC Reach-Indexing DC has noted issues with both the eastern and western borders of the District as shown by the EnviroMapper application. This is due to the base map (Wessex State Boundary Coverage) currently in use. These issues will be resolved when a new base map becomes available [REMOVE: as delineated by the boundary coverage]. It appears that the true District boundary is located west of the boundaries used by the state boundary coverage. Based on input from the District, some waterbodies that appear to be inside the District's eastern boundary are in fact not and were deleted from the reach-indexing. However, it was not possible to index the waterbodies that lie outside the state coverage on the western boundary. This issue will be resolved when a modified state boundary coverage becomes available.
FL GIS Mapping


The following inconsistencies are grouped by type of problem. The name of the site followed by the county in parentheses identifies the area where the specified problem occurs. If there are any comments or questions regarding this information, please contact Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Water Resources, Division of Water Resource Management, Joe North (850) 921-9869 or Janis Paulsen (850) 921-9431.

NHD - The following areas contain errors that are due to a lack of NHD arcs (lines) or errors within the NHD coverage for the specified reach.

  • Class II (unless otherwise noted)
    1. Charlotte Harbor, Myakka River, Gasparilla Sound (Charlotte) - incomplete in NHD
    2. Outer Clam Bay (Collier) - no NHD
    3. Tidal Bays and Passes (Collier) - incomplete in NHD
    4. Santa Rosa Sound (Escambia) - no NHD
    5. Apalachicola Bay (Franklin) - no NHD
    6. Tampa Bay west of Skyway Bridge (Hillsborough) - no NHD
    7. Pine Island Sound (Lee) -incomplete in NHD
    8. Egmont Key to Anna Marie Island (Manatee) - no NHD
    9. Clear Lake, Lake Magnolia (Palm Beach-Class I) - no NHD for water way between these two lakes
    10. Tampa Bay and Gulf Waters (Pinellas) - incomplete in NHD
    11. Sarasota Bay (Sarasota) - incomplete in NHD
    12. Salt Run (St Johns) - no NHD
    13. Blackwater Bay (Santa Rosa County) - NHD error, unable to create accurate event theme using RIT
  • Outstanding Florida Waters
    1. Hugh Taylor Birch State Recreation Area (Broward) - no NHD
    2. North Beach (Broward) - no NHD
    3. Westlake (Broward) - no NHD
    4. Charlotte Harbor State Preserve (Charlotte) - incomplete in NHD
    5. Cape Haze (Charlotte) - incomplete in NHD
    6. Gasparilla Sound/Charlotte Harbor (Charlotte) - incomplete in NHD
    7. Chassahowitzka Swamp (Citrus) - no NHD
    8. St Marks River (Citrus) - incomplete in NHD
    9. St Martin's Marsh (Citrus) - no NHD
    10. Homossassa Reserve/Walker Tract (Citrus) - no NHD
    11. Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve (Collier) - no NHD
    12. Rookery Bay (Collier) - no NHD
    13. O'leno State Park (Columbia) - NHD error, unable to create accurate event theme using RIT
    14. Bill Baggs Cape State Recreation Area (Dade) - no NHD
    15. Miami Rockridge Pinelands (Dade) - no NHD
    16. Snake Warrior Creek (Broward) - no NHD
    17. St. George Island State Park (Franklin) - no NHD
    18. Cape St George State Reserve (Franklin) - no NHD
    19. Apalachicola Bay (Franklin) - no NHD
    20. Dead Lakes State Recreation Area (Gulf) - no NHD
    21. Chassahowitzka Swamp (Hernando) - no NHD
    22. Indian River (Indian River) - NHD error, unable to create accurate event theme using RIT
    23. Three Rivers State Recreation Area (Jackson) - no NHD
    24. Pine Island National Wildlife Refuge (Lee) - no NHD
    25. Gasparilla Island State Recreation Area (Lee) - no NHD
    26. Josslyn Island Program Area (Lee) - no NHD
    27. Estero Bay Aquatic Preserve (Lee) - incomplete in NHD
    28. Pine Island Sound Aquatic Preserve (Lee) - incomplete in NHD
    29. Ft San Luis (Leon) - no NHD
    30. Cedar Keys (Levy) - no NHD
    31. Passage Key NWR (Manatee) - no NHD
    32. Sea Branch (Martin) - no NHD
    33. Dry Tortugas (Monroe) - no NHD
    34. Looe Key (Monroe) - no NHD
    35. Windley Key Fossil Ree State Geological Site (Monroe) - no NHD
    36. Amelia Island (Nassau) - no NHD
    37. Anclote State Preserve (Pasco/Pinellas) - no NHD
    38. Gateway (Pinellas) - no NHD
    39. Honeymoon Island State Recreation Area (Pinellas) - no NHD
    40. Gulf Island National Seashore (Santa Rosa) - no NHD
    41. Spring Hammock (Seminole) - no NHD
    42. Gum Slough (Sumtter) - no NHD
    43. Volusia recharge (Volusia) - no NHD
    44. Ochlockonee River State Park (Wakulla) - no NHD
  • Unable to Locate - The following locations were not identified due to a lack of specific locational data.
    1. Stoney Lane (Citrus)
    2. Chinsegut Wildlife Refuge (Hernando)
    3. Placid Lakes (Highlands)
    4. Bower Tracts (Hillsborough)
    5. Levy County forest/sandhills (Levy)
    6. Saddle Blanket Lakes Scrub (Polk)
    7. Milton to Whiting Field (Santa Rosa)
    8. Green Turtle Beach (St. Lucie)
    9. Carlton Half Moon Ranch (Sumter)
    10. Wekiva River (Volusia) - difficult to specify locations
OK GIS Mapping Unfortunately, after conference with many of my colleagues, we cannot authorize the use of the usability and information contained within the ArcView coverage at this time. We feel there are too many problems with the site to reasonably reflect water quality management in Oklahoma. Primarily, we are concerned with the absence of the numerous stream segments, aside from the 31 "missing segments" and the misrepresentation of some beneficial use assignments. Interactive features with the site are minor difficulties that I'm sure can be remedied in short order. 
RI GIS Mapping RIDEM requests that EPA note that the RI WQS map is a draft or prototype. In addition, the web page should state that the map does not accurately portray the saltwater shellfishing use nor the drinking water supply water bodies.
TN General The information for the state of Tennessee is correct to the best our knowledge but accuracy is not guaranteed. If you come across information that you believe is incorrect, please contact Greg Denton (gdenton@mail.state.tn.us).
UT Designated Use In addition to assigned beneficial use classes, some waters are designated as High Quality Waters - Category 1. These waters include all surface waters geographically located within the outer boundaries of U.S. National Forests whether on public or private lands and other waters specifically named in Utah's water quality standards.

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