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Water: Georeferencing

Conference Papers

Water Quality Standards GIS Review Implementation: Moving from a Static Website to a Web-based GIS, Anne Marie Miller and Peter I. Ilieve, Research Triangle Institute

The Reach Indexing Tool for the National Hydrography Dataset: Functionality and Impacts on State Water Programs, Christoph Spoerri, Anne Marie Miller (Research Triangle Institue) and Tod Dabolt (EPA)

Displaying Water Quality Standards Information Using a Web-based GIS: A Foundation for Water Quality Management (PDF), Peter Ilieve, J. Michael McCarthy, Anne Marie Miller, Kimberly Sparks, William Cooter, Emily Barrett (Research Triangle Institute) and Jeffry Bryan (EPA)

Detailed Nationally Consistent Mapping and Spatial Analysis of Section 303(d) and 305(b) Waterbodies using the EPA Reach File and the National Hydrography Dataset (PDF), William Cooter, Peter Ilieve, Kimberly Sparks, Anne Marie Miller, Christoph Spoerri, J. Michael McCarthy (Research Triangle Institute) and Tod Dabolt (EPA)

Mapping of Water Quality Standards to the National Hydrography Dataset. Peter Ilieve and Anne Marie Miller (Research Triangle Institute, RTP, NC), and William Kramer and Jeffrey Bryan (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC)

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