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Setting up an SQL Connection with ODBC

  1. Open the Control Panel (Start->Settings->Control Panel) and click on the ‘ODBC’ icon (for WINDOWS NT) or ’32bit ODBC' (for WINDOWS 95), or Administrative Tools ->Data Sources(ODBC) (for Windows 2000). Click on the ‘System DSN’ tab, and choose ‘Add’ to add a new database.
  2. Select the type of database you will connect to (for the ADB v.2 select the Microsoft ODBC for Oracle). Click ‘Finish’ to tell the system what type of database will be added.

  1. Enter the Data Source Name, Description, User Name, and Server. (Check with your Oracle DBA for this information, since it is server-specific).
  2. Click ‘OK’ to register the database. Click ‘OK’ to exit the ODBC Datasource Administrator.

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