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Water: Lakes

Watershed Protection: Clean Lakes Program Structure


Clean Lakes Program grants have historically been available in the four categories listed below. Please note, however, that no new funds have been provided by Congress since 1995. Existing Clean Lakes projects are being completed with previously awarded funds.

  1. State/Tribal Lake Water Quality Assessment (LWQA) grants:

    - Grants are used to assess water quality of lakes across a State or reservation. The Federal government may fund up to 50% of a State (or Tribes) assessment costs to a maximum $50,000 per year per State. A complete assessment is needed to qualify for the following cooperative agreements.

  2. Phase I - Diagnostic/Feasibility Studies;

    - Once the lake assessment report is approved, the State and local community can apply for a Phase I grant to determine the causes of pollution in a specific lake, evaluate potential controls, and recommend the most feasible and cost-effective restoration methods. A Federal grant may be awarded to a State for up to 70% of the study costs to a maximum $100,000 per study.

  3. Phase II - Restoration and Protection Implementation Projects;

    - Translating Phase I recommendations into action, Phase II projects fund actual in-lake restoration work as well as implementing management practices in the watershed. These projects require the active participation of the local community. Although there is no set limits to the Federal funds available for a Phase II project, each project requires a non-Federal match of 50% of total costs.

  4. Phase III - Post-Restoration Monitoring Studies.

    - Phase III studies are designed to advance the science of lake restoration through post-restoration monitoring and evaluation monitoring and evaluation of completed Phase II projects. Each monitoring study may qualify for a maximum $125,000 and requires a 30% non-Federal match.

Program Status

Through FY 94, 49 States and 18 Tribes have received grants.

- 352 Phase I
- 252 Phase II
- 14 Phase III
- 111 Lake Water Quality Assessment Grants (46 States/14 Tribes)


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