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Water: Planning

Appendix: FY 05 Final Measures and Commitments (October 2004)

In April of 2004, the National Water Program published Guidance describing strategies for meeting the water related goals established in the new Environmental Protection Agency Strategic Plan and defining the measures to be used to assess progress in meeting these goals in FY 2005. Some of these measures included “targets,” or increments of progress that might be accomplished under the measure in FY 2005.

The Guidance described a process for EPA Regions to work with States and Tribes over the summer of 2004 to refine these “targets” to more formal “commitments” and to reflect these commitments in FY 2005 State and Tribal performance partnership agreements or other grant agreements and workplans.

This Appendix to the April 2004 Guidance includes all the measures that will be used to judge the progress of the National Water Program in FY 2005, at both the national and EPA Regional levels, and identifies the final “commitments” for progress that were agreed upon as a result of the recent collaborative process among EPA, States, and Tribes.

National Water Program Guidance Appendix: FY 05 Final Measures and Commitments

Full Document (PDF, 1.8MB, 112 pages)

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