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Dow Wetlands Vegetation Project


Dow Wetlands Vegetation Project
East Bay Conservation Corps
EPA Region 9

Corps members from the East Bay Conservation Corps (EBCC) got their chance to enhance part of a 300-acre wetland preserve owned by The Dow Chemical Company. The preserve is a Certified Wildlife Habitat through the Wildlife Habitat Council, an organization that works to increase the amount of quality wildlife habitat on corporate, private, and public lands. The area, located along the San Joaquin River east of the San Francisco Bay, contains tideland marsh and upland grass areas rich in wildlife and natural vegetation.

The Dow Wetlands Environmental Team worked alongside the young corps members to create a riparian habitat around a beaver pond located on the property. In preparation for the student planting activity, trenches were dug to accommodate the PVC piping which delivers recycled water from a local sanitation district to the native shrubbery planted by the work crews. Shrubs include the California Black Walnut, Fremont Cottonwood, Willow Coyote Brush, California Rose, and California Native Blackberry and Blue Elderberry. The youth planted the shrubs, constructed cages to protect the tender plants from beaver and other wildlife, and also cleared the area around a viewing platform at the far east end of the preserve. The corps members enjoyed the activities, despite rainy days and chilly weather.

The EBCC's facility is located out of Oakland. The vast majority of the population served by the corps live below the standard poverty level. Their mission is to build a young person's skills, self-esteem and give them a sense of community. They do this responsibly through a combination of academic and life skills education, community service work project, service learning, volunteering, mentoring and job skills training.

Measurable outcomes of the project include:
1-1/2 miles of PVC piping
1 mile of native shrubbery planted with wildlife protection *cages*
Connections to recycled water source
Grading of area, making it accessible by walking paths
New habitat will increase wildlife species at the site

Other partners included the Dow wetlands team, Delta Diablo Sanitation District, USS POSCO, and Circuit Riders, wetland specialists whom Dow consulted on the project.

EPA Grant Amount $10,000
Matching Funds $39,418 during 1998
Contact: Krist Jensen, Dow Chemical Pittsburg
Phone: (925) 432-5461
Email: wkjensen@dow.com
Betsy Reeves, East Bay Conservation Corps
Phone: (510) 891-3930


1998 Costs $39,418
+ Volunteer Labor $10,000
1Q '99 Completion $ 6,000

+ Maintenance/year $ 3,000
Note: $18,400 will be total paid direct to East Bay Conservation Corps after work in 1st quarter '99

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