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Water: 5 Star Wetland Restoration & Grants

Ten Mile Creek Revegetation Project


Five-Star Restoration Program Descriptions

Ten Mile Creek Revegetation Project
Montana Conservation Corps, Helena, Montana
EPA Region 8

Responding to 17 years' worth of bank erosion along Ten Mile Creek near Helena, the Montana Conservation Corps (MCC) carried out a bank revegetation project this summer thanks to the Five Star Restoration Partners Initiative. MCC drew the young people who actually did the revegetating alongside numerous community volunteers from its CorpsLink program. CorpsLink provides meaningful community service experiences for young people in residential facilities of the state's juvenile justice system -- in this case Aspen Youth Alternatives. The project, which drew support from numerous Federal, state, and local natural resource agencies, also had a specific goal to help build community connections and teach residents of the Ten Mile watershed planting techniques and basic watershed science.

The CorpsLink corpsmembers (supervised by members of the Montana Corps) and 40 residents, agency volunteers, and media representatives planted 1,700 shrubs and trees at three problem areas along the creek bank. A local scout troop and youth from the Helena Youth Council added to the ranks of workers. Potential benefits from the project include improved fish habitat; floodplain, soil, and streambank management; and increased recreational opportunities. Participants developed a strong community bond as well as an understanding of the issues facing the watershed and of the work of the multi-agency Ten Mile Creek Steering Committee.

The USDA-Forest Service and Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation contributed trees, shrubs, and materials. Additional financial support and in-kind services came from the US Geological Survey, Lewis and Clark County Conservation District, Lewis and Clark County Local Water Quality District, Montana Department of Environmental Quality, City of Helena, and Lewis and Clark County. The project received (front-page) newspaper as well as television coverage.

EPA Grant Amount: $4,000
Matching Funds: $6,459
Contact: Steve P. Nelsen, Executive Director
Montana Conservation Corps
1404 Gold Avenue #3
Bozeman, MT 59715
Ph: 406/587-4475
Fx: 406/587-2606

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